The Cave Big Bear

I have had a busy past few years painting murals around Big Bear. Here are a set of photos from The Cave in Big Bear. I’m proud to have my art displayed for such a hip theater with top notch entertainers coming to Big Bear. Here is a link to read more on the Cave and upcoming Events:

The-Cave-Big-Bear-Wallscapes-by-Barbara-1 The-Cave-Big-Bear-Wallscapes-by-Barbara-3 The-Cave-Big-Bear-Wallscapes-by-Barbara-4 The-Cave-Big-Bear-Wallscapes-by-Barbara-5 The-Cave-Big-Bear-Wallscapes-by-Barbara-6 The-Cave-Big-Bear-Wallscapes-by-Barbara-7 The-Cave-Big-Bear-Wallscapes-by-Barbara-8 The-Cave-Big-Bear-Wallscapes-by-Barbara-9 The-Cave-Big-Bear-Wallscapes-by-Barbara-10 The-Cave-Big-Bear-Wallscapes-by-Barbara-11 The-Cave-Big-Bear-Wallscapes-by-Barbara-12